Thursday, 2 October 2014

The Mumsnet Book of Bedtime Stories, Paperback

The paperback version of 'The Mumsnet Book of Bedtime Stories' is out today! It includes the story I illustrated written by Philip Bell about two children spending the night at their grandma's cottage underneath a lighthouse.You can find more about 'Bedtime at the Lighthouse' on my website

You can buy it from the Walker Books website here

Also, excitingly today is the release of 'The Mumsnet Book of Animal Stories', which is the second in the edition which resulted from the nationwide competition held by Walker Books, Mumsnet and Gransnet. This one includes a beautiful story illustrated by my classmate Narisa Togo. Buy it Here

And last, but definitely not least! Katie May Green's stunning debut picture book (also a fellow classmate) 'Seen and not Heard' published by Walker Books is out today.

You can also purchase it from the Walker Books website here and read more about the book on Katie's Blog here

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